Business Law

The attorneys at D.S. Erickson & Associates, PLLC, bring a wealth of experience, expertise and attention to detail to legal business representation. The firm assists clients with legal transactions for every type of business entity, from sole proprietors to partnerships to large corporations. Clients include leading manufacturers and distributors, agricultural commodity brokers, technology firms and law firms.

Firm attorneys works on preliminary business planning, business formation, succession planning and dissolution matters. The firm helps clients establish legal business entities, whether they consist of a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or S or C corporation; plan and deal with day to day legal business matters; and wind-up, dissolve or pass on business interests that are coming to an end. 

Clients also request the business attorneys at D.S. Erickson & Associates for assistance with contract matters, including drafting, review and negotiation. When required, D.S. Erickson & Associates’ commercial litigation experience can enable businesses to resolve contract dispute issues effectively through negotiated settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or in a court of law.

Businesses in Minnesota also entrust their employment and human resources issues to D.S. Erickson & Associates. Firm attorneys advise clients on the hiring and termination of employees, and closely attend to the details of drafting employee handbooks, separation agreements, and confidentiality agreements. In addition, D.S. Erickson & Associates assists businesses in complying with and addressing matters related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

D.S. Erickson & Associates proactively represents businesses in commercial disputes, as well as entity formation, contracts and other transactional matters. The insurance litigation practice is a unique and distinct practice committed to assisting healthcare providers in contract claim disputes involving large health insurance entities. The creditor rights (collection law) practice is dedicated to the professional, efficient and effective recovery of client receivables. Individual clients receive personalized and diligent tax and estate planning, as well as immigration, business interest and other personal representation.